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Autoresponder365 is powerful email marketing software that is installed by us on your own cheap web hosting such as Hostgator, you can easily access  it via a web browser. It works 24/7 365 days a year. It allows you to create unlimited e-mail messages, which are automatically sent out to the subscribers of your mailing list at different time intervals. The script also allows you to create and assign an autoresponder to a mailing list, so when someone subscribes they are automatically added to the mailing list, and follow ups begin.

A Brief List of the Main Features

Mailing List Management

Autoresponder365 allows very easy and powerful management of your mailing lists. An extremely easy-to-use interface has been created which allows you to add, edit, delete and view entries of your mailing lists. You can also easily search and browse the mailing lists. The script can easily support the huge mailing lists (tested with 1,000,000 subscribers), without problems.

Managing List Entries

Managing mailing lists with Autoresponder365 has been made very easy. You can easily edit, delete or view and entry in your mailing list by the e-mail address of an entry. You can easily search your entire mailing list for the necessary entry.

Subscribe Confirmation Message

If wanted, you can also define a subscribe confirmation message for every mailing list. If that message has been set, every time someone subscribes to the mailing list, whether it be through the auto responder or subscribe HTML form, the script will automatically send them the welcome message.

Single Or Double Optin

You can either use a single optin or a double Optin. The ​double optin method requires the subscriber to confirm their subscription by clicking a link in the confirm email the system sends them, if using single optin the subscriber is added to the list without confirmation.

Bounced Email Removal

The system can automatically remove non delivered bounced emails from your lists.​

E-Mail Duplication Check

Every time someone subscribes to a mailing list, the script will first check to make sure that e-mail address is not yet in the mailing list. If it is, the script will not add the subscriber to the mailing list, for the second time.

Un-limited Auto Responders & Mailing Lists

You can create multiple auto responders & email lists. 

Multiple Domain Names

You can create auto responders on multiple domain names. For example, you can create an auto responder at and another one at

Capture both, Name and E-Mail Address and more….

When someone enters their name and email on a squeeze page or sends an e-mail to an autoresponder email address, the script will capture both the sender’s name and e-mail address. This way your follow up messages can be personalized with the subscriber’s name. You can also capture details such as their cell phone number, physical address, infact any details you like!

Email Sending Throttle

​You can keep within shared hosts sending limits by adjusting the how many emails are sent per hour!

Automatic Follow Ups

This is the heart of Autoresponder365. You can define follow up settings for every mailing list which will send out the selected e-mail messages at different time intervals. For example, you could have follow up settings for a mailing list which will send out an e-mail message three days after a subscriber is added, then send out the second e-mail message four days later, and the third message two days after that.

Easy to Manage

Autoresponder365 allows you to manage easily all follow up settings for all mailing lists. There is a nice, easy to use interface which makes managing the follow up settings much easier. You can easily add a follow up setting just by entering the number of days to wait, and typing in new message.​

One-Time Scheduled Mailings

You can even schedule one-time broadcast mailings with Autoresponder365. This allows you to send an e-mail to everyone in a selected mailing list on the specified date. All you have to do is specify a mailing list, date and type in the e-mail message.​

Broadcast An Email To All Lists & Subscribers

You can create a master list that subscriber gets added to when they subscribe to any list, so if you choose you can broadcast an email to all subscribers​ on all lists in one easy action!

Compatible With All Third Party Squeeze Page Software

Autoresponder365 uses standard html form code for optin forms, so you can use any squeeze page Software such as Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Leads, OptimizePress, etc​, to create stunning Lead Capture Forms and Squeeze Pages. This page and optin forms were created with Thrive Content Builder, which I highly recommend you checkout.

Money Making Ideas Using Autoresponder365

1. Create a membership course: When someone buys your product they get added to your list which sends them the content on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis or whatever interval you decide. 2. After Sales Service: Follow-Up with your customers after closing a sale to make sure they’re happy with what they have purchased. You can also use this technique to inform them of any new products, services or special deals that you have available. 3. Up-Selling: Entice the customers who purchased the basic packages from you, to upgrade to ones with more features or facilities by sending them a series of up-sell messages. 4. And many other uses and applications…. There is no really limit to the uses where Autoresponder365 can be put to in helping your business growth.

How to Setup A List And Insert in 3rd Party Squeeze Page Software

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My name is Rik Fox and I am the owner/developer of Autoresponder365. This system is great for new and existing marketers on a budget, as you can host it on low cost domain hosting. Buy my product with confidence, if you are not happy I'll refund your money. You will get great fast support from me personally, so what are you waiting for? ;-)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Let me confess who Autoresponder 365 changed my life for true! Before I was constricted to pay highest monthly fees to the great names of the autoresponding, but now, thanks to a little one-time fee, I could have all my thousands of subscribers in a secure place I could backup whenever I want.And the best thing is I could enter new contacts who signed up with other autoresponder simply by copying and pasting.More, Rik gives a wonderful and speedy setup for a little price, and what can you ask more? Nothing!Autoresponder 365 gives you liberty and save your money!

Thanks so much,Alessandro Zamboni Blog In Da Box -

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hello Rik, for me I think Autoresponder365 was worth at least 10 times the price I paid. I almost hate to give you too much kudos for fear you'll get too busy to take more orders! But it's true that I was pleased with the results, I was definitly looking for best autoresponder for a loooong time. And luckily, Autoresponder365 was discovered after I have tried sooo many autoresponder (luckily I'm not broke yet) that has superb and easier sequential delivery method. And Autoresponder sequential delivery went waaaay above & beyond. Even my 79 nanny could set it up easily. Moreover, Rik and his support team was verrry verry professional. He will answer and help you immediately. Even if you have problem, he will try to solve your problem..Thanks Rik for your great Autoresponder system and terrific support team! Syahida


If for any reason you don't like my system I'll refund every last penny back to you, so you have nothing to lose apart from your time!

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